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SeKur XFR – “No regrets” file sharing. We are a safe and secure file sharing community!

Have you ever had to send information to anyone that made you feel uncomfortable? SeKur XFR is a secure file-sharing platform that will give everyday users total control over any file they share.

Why do I need it?

We have all had that moment when we have accidentally shared a file with personal information to the wrong person, or shared a photo that we wished we could take back. With SeKur XFR users will no longer regret hitting the send button.

How is SeKur XFR different?

SeKur Technology, Inc has developed a unique encryption that protects the privacy of any shared file. Most file sharing platforms offer a functional solution, but do not give users control over their files, once they have been sent.

With SeKur XFR, the everyday user will have enterprise level security with the power to “unsend” and permanently or temporarily terminate file access at any time, even if it was already downloaded. This option is available regardless of the email provider or portable device used to transfer files.

Here’s how it works:

Our unique approach to securing the file sharing experience is defined as T.A.R.G.E.T.S. (Track, Approve, Revoke, Grant, Enable, Terminate & See).

Through this approach, users can track who and where files have been sent and approve how long those files are accessed. A recipient’s access can be revoked and limited-sharing options granted. Additionally, file usage can be terminated at any time, even after download.

View our “How It Works” video:


What does SeKur XFR Offer?

  • Licensing Encryption & Transfer for EVERYONE
  • Protection for ALL digital files (MS Office, PDF, Graphic, Audio & Video and more)
  • SeKur Alert: when forwarded or edited
  • Timestamp Notification
  • Data security and protection, online & offline ease of use, installation and management