Have you ever had to send information to anyone that made you feel uncomfortable?   Why did you send it?  Because you had no choice.  Now you do!

SeKur XFR was originally developed to help protect music files from digital piracy.  But we discovered that most people have the potential to be digitally violated. With SeKur XFR, everyone can send or share digital information ‘SeKurely‘.  We are stopping digital violation, one file at a time!

What does SeKur XFR do?
 SeKur XFR is an encryption software that allows users to track, monitor and disable the functionality of ANY digital file.

With SeKur XFR, file owner has the ability, in real-time, to:
•                Track who a file has been sent to
•                Approve each file loaned and duration of loan
•                Revoke a file loaned at any given time
•                Grant others limited rights to share the file
•                Enable file limited or unlimited access to a batch or group of users
•                Terminate the file at a date/time of your choosing; program the termination of usage into the file

Our encryption allows files to be shared freely via any method (e-mail, cloud, file share, USB key, etc.) It allows the download, loan, and/or exchange capabilities of digital files among registered users.

Benefits of SeKur XFR
•                Around-the-clock file surveillance for your personal and confidential data, granting peace-of-mind in the form of real-time file oversight
•                Power to protect your own files (no IT staff needed)
•                Free & low-cost options
•                Cross platform, global access
•                Cost effective compared to big enterprise solutions
•                Render unreadable any unauthorized copies of files