RocketHub Blog: CyberSecurity with SeKur XFR (Jul 2015)

CyberSecurity with SeKur XFR July 14, 2015


SeKur XFR is cybersecurity firm based in Allentown, PA – founded by CEO William D. Brown that enables users to track, monitor and disable any file, anytime. Even after download. We caught up with Mr. Brown to get insights on his company and current crowdfunding campaign that is live on RocketHub. 

What was the catalyst for using crowdfunding for SeKur XFR Technology?

We developed SeKur XFR (pronounced “secure transfer”), a secure file-sharing platform that will give the everyday Internet user more control over the files they share.

The vision for SeKur XFR originally came after I produced and released an album with an independent artist. The album seemed to be unsuccessful until we began to get reports about the album’s popularity overseas, but we weren’t receiving any royalties.

This led to the initial concept of creating a secure platform where artists could share their music, and always have control over where it was sent, and who had access to it. When music executives couldn’t grasp the reality of SeKur XFR, we began to broaden our vision. We decided to create a universal solution that would not only benefit all industries, but also the everyday user.

Crowdfunding appeared to be a more time-efficient way to bring SeKur XFR to market. We also saw it as an opportunity to see how the everyday user would respond to the product while raising capital for continued development.


Tell us a little about how your tech stacks up to other solutions in the market?

We’ve developed a unique encryption that protects the privacy of any shared file. We are offering enterprise level security that will extend to audio, video, pdf, MS Office files and more.

Unlike most file-sharing platforms, SeKur XFR gives users total control over their files once they leave the cloud. Users will also have the power to “unsend” and permanently or temporarily terminate file access at any time, even after download.

How has the experience been thus far using crowdfunding as a team of entrepreneurs?

It’s been exciting, nerve wracking, challenging and fun -all at the same time!

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with RocketHub and Brian Meece. They have been encouraging and helpful. We expect that our experience will continue to be a positive one.


Thank you for the positive words! Have there been any positive (or negative) surprises along the way?

On the positive side, we’re getting responses from people (both on and offline) who are interested in SeKur XFR, and want to support our campaign. We’re learning the importance of educating the everyday user on how SeKur XFR works and why it’s important it is for them to have file-sharing security, not as an option, but as a necessity. File-sharing privacy is something we all deserve.

Any advice for others looking to crowd fund?

Prepare, prepare, prepare. Build a great team that’s focused and can be committed throughout the entire process. Know your product and understand how you’re going to spread the word.

And most important, if you don’t believe in your product, don’t share it on a crowdfunding campaign until you do.

We truly believe in SeKur XFR, and are grateful to now be able to share it with the through RocketHub’s platform.

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