A Vision Turned Into Reality

Being a veteran music producer, my foremost outlook of this problem was always from a music industry perspective.  Many knew first hand that the problem of piracy existed, but there was an overall sentiment that there wasn’t anything that could be done about it.  I never imagined the implications outside of the music world.

After getting the idea, it was almost impossible to get anyone to actually believe that this could be done.  Everyone kept telling me that something like this wouldn’t work, or if it could, why hadn’t someone else thought of it first.  It seemed to me that they were really saying there is no way I was smart enough come up with this solution.

So we persevered, overcoming what seemed like insurmountable obstacles.  Then finally, after we proved that our technology worked, the validation came.  Of course then, everyone wanted to get involved, be a part and invest.  What satisfaction! It’s has been a great journey but at the same time, it seems like it is just the beginning.

Happy anniversary to SeKur Technology!  (with bells and whistles)

William D. Brown, Founder & CEO