All Things Are Possible

Lindsay Watson_FIA NYC Photo SmallSeKur Technology, Inc., like other great companies, was birthed out of the desire to make something better. In our case we aimed (and still aim) to return control and security back to the everyday internet user.

Having been a professional artist for several years, I’ve had the privilege to have two albums recorded and released. The fun and exciting part of that was seeing the music online, where people could play and purchase it.  The hardest part was seeing so many sites offering not only our music for free, but also the artwork!  We quickly learned that our music was available for free in countries throughout the world. While that may seem flattering to some, it hurts the bottom line for anyone who wants to make a living off of music, production, and more.We came to learn that the everyday user didn’t know or understand the impact of digital piracy (or what we now call digital violation) – a more than $1 trillion loss worldwide.

We have the privilege to be a part of history. It’s been an honor to see SeKur from its birth to now 5 years strong.  We’ve accomplished so much, and every step of the way have proved that the “impossible” is most certainly possible. With our faith, great leadership in our Founder William D. Brown, and perseverance – SeKur Technology has become a growing force.

Happy Anniversary to all!!

Lindsay Watson, Business Development