Providence and Perseverance

RJAMES01jpg“Now, if we could do something about that – we’d be doing something.”  My reply to this comment changed the course of our conversation that night.  It was the providence of God that I was even at this meeting to discuss a future music project.  Music lover I was, but I had no experience in the music business.  As we talked about the project, our conversation switched to the devastating effects of piracy on the recorded music industry – so why should we bother if it was just going to be ‘bootlegged’ all over the world.

Early the next morning, Mr. Brown called and shared a vision he had and he was very excited about it.  SeKur Technology was born that morning and it has been a labor of love and dedication to see it mature to this point.  Little did any of us know then of the journey of professional and personal growth and commitment we were embarking upon.  Yet we, under the unwavering leadership of our CEO William Brown, took hold of the plow and moved onward.  For all who have supported this ‘dream turned into reality’ in any way, we are very grateful for you!

So on our 5th anniversary, we celebrate the achievements of the past and embrace the great future of this company!  The best is yet to come! Happy Anniversary to Team SeKur!!!

Rhonda James, Administration