What does SeKur Xfr do?

What does SeKur Xfr do?

We call it TARGET Track / Approve / Revoke / Grant / Enable / Terminate

Track – who your file has been sent to…

… when it was sent and if they opened the file.  With real-time access, SeKur Xfr provides a timestamp so you can know when your file was received and opened. SeKur Xfr will also alert you if your file is sent to someone else and they try to access it.

Approve – each file loaned and duration of loan. 

When you share a file, you can set a duration for access to the file.  You can set the duration by time (weeks, days, hours, etc.) or limit the number of times a file can be opened.  When the duration expires, SeKur Xfr disables the file and it can no longer be accessed.

Revoke – access to file that’s been loaned at any time, in real time.

Someone shares your file and you receive the SeKur Xfr alert.  You can revoke the original recipient’s access, the access of those they sent your file to, or revoke everyone’s access to your file.

Grant – others limited rights to share your file.  

You control who and how your files get shared.  With SeKur Xfr, you can grant sharing rights with varying expirations so you have complete control of who can access to your files and for how long.

Enable – limited or unlimited file access to a batch or group of users.

Using SeKur Xfr, you can enable and disable individual and/or group access to your file.  If someone makes an unauthorized copy or download, SeKur Xfr will immediately disable the file, making it useless and inaccessible and notify you of the attempt.

Terminate – the file access at a date/time of your choosing.

SeKur Xfr programs the termination of access right into the file, so your files are protected online and off.