No Regrets File Sharing: SeKur XFR Lets You “Unsend”


No Regrets File Sharing: SeKur XFR Lets You “Unsend”

send embarrasing file by accident?We have all had that Homer Simpson “d’oh”  moment, when we have accidentally shared a file with personal information to the wrong person, or shared a photo that we’ve later regretted. Fortunately, you’ll now have an opportunity to nolonger kick yourself for your mistakes or regret poor judgements.


The SeKur XFR file sharing platform will allow you to essentially “unsend” those “d’oh” moments.  You can temporarily or permanently terminate access to text documents, photo, audio or video files even if it was already downloaded by the recipient. This option is available regardless of  the email provider or portable device you use to transfer files.


Now you may have heard that Gmail is offering a similar “unsend” feature for email, but don’t  get too excited. They are basically just providing gmail users with a delay mechanism. Users have a 30 sec time frame to think about the content in the email their sending and make quick adjustments before the email actually gets delivered. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so we applaud gmail’s efforts in attempting to incorporate a recall feature for their email.

regretsHowever, when it comes to sharing files, we want to give SeKur XFR users a little more peace of mind than 30 seconds. Whether it takes 30 seconds or 30 days to decide if you want to limit a recipient’s accessibility or permanently terminate the file, you have that option. No longer regret clicking the send button. At home or on the go, you’ll have total control over anything sent electronically.


Watch this video to learn how SeKur XFR let’s you “unsend”.